Pre-sale Beginning Date: 22.04.2021

What is GECE?

GECE is a token project to help and protect animals in need of assistance, extinct animals, and to protect the world's animal rights. It is also a very good investment.

The name of the token comes from the name of the German shepard dog of the token founder. The project icon is also derived from the caricature of the face silhouette of the dog, GECE.

When you invest in “GECE” token a total commission of 10% is deducted (for both buying and selling). 3% is transferred to the charity wallet account designated to help the animals of the world, where it is locked for 8 months, 3% is distributed to holders, 4% is token burn.

This way, the GECE project won’t be just an investment tool, but also helps to protect animal rights by supporting the animal protection organizations of the World.

Every investment you make  the GECE project today will give  life to an animal tomorrow. Take your place in this campaign, and make their World more livable.

More detailed information will be shared very soon on our official website, Telegram and Twitter accounts.

Thank you for your support.

Founder of GECE.io